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Most people do not have much money put away for emergencies because they live from paycheck to paycheck. When it comes to roofing issues, many people do not have what it costs saved up to cover off major repairs or replacement.  When this occurs, a homeowner might feel like they have no options available to them which will allow them to get their roof repaired or replaced. Worrying about how they will afford those roofing repairs can keep some homeowners awake at night.

Locust Grove Roofing offers many options for financing. We know that when you need roofing work done you cannot afford to wait for the situation to get worse and more expensive. You need the work done now and financing is one excellent option for people who need to have their roof replaced but do not have the funds to pay upfront to have the work done. If you need financing, we can explain how our financing works and what you can expect during the entire process.

Contact us to find out what your options are for financing to determine if you qualify and are able to access the roofing work as quickly as possible.

Financing – How Does it Work?

We understand that you might have questions about our options for financing, how it works, and how those funds can help you to access our services. We can explain the process to you in a simple way so that you can decide what works best for you. If your insurance company is paying for repairs or you do have funds set aside for roof repair or replacement, then you may not need to access our financing options.

Unfortunately, most people are not prepared for sudden expensive roofing issues.  This is when financing works best:

  • Obtain a roof inspection and an estimate of what the issues are and the cost of repair of the issue.
  • Apply for financing through our credit provider to find out if you are eligible for financing.
  • If you do qualify for financing and can agree to the repayment of the funds that are loaned to you, we can get to work on your roof.
  • We will complete the repairs or replacement of your roof without charging you money upfront. We will be paid by the funds that you obtain through financing.
  • You will continue to make the payments on the loan as you agreed upon approval and when you signed the financing agreement.

Your financing chances are increased with a good credit score and your ability to repay your loan. If you do qualify for financing, financing will generally work like this:

  • You apply for financing in the amount required to pay for repair or replacement of your roof.
  • Your loan will be fulfilled according to the agreement that you made, meaning you pay back the amount of that loan and the costs associated with it over several months or years.
  • The payments you make on your loan every month will be comprised of principal and interest. The principal is an amount paid towards the actual loan while interest is the cost of the loan that is paid to the financing company.
  • You pay off your loan once you finish the payments in the loan agreement that you signed when you applied for financing and were approved.

Financing is a way to allow you to afford the costs of the repair and/or replacement of your roof without having to come up with a large amount of money yourself. Many people cannot afford such a massive cost, so you are not alone. The financing provides you with the option to be able to afford the roof costs and we work with you to complete the work. We work with you so that you know what your options are with the entire process.

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We understand that it is hard to find out that you have an issue with your roof that must be repaired immediately.  Your roof is the one thing that protects your home from the outside elements. It is important to have the work completed in a timely way so that your home does not sustain further damage. As a company that is locally owned and operated, we place our focus on helping residents when they need it the most.

We work hard to ensure that you are totally happy with the service that we provide to you. We want you to be able to access our services when you need them the most and that is why we offer to finance. If you live in Locust Grove and need roofing services, you can rely on us to provide you with all that you need. We start with a no-obligation quote and tell you what you can expect as we work through the process.  We respect your home, your property, and you, our client. We have a trusted team that has worked locally for years and we want you to know that we can complete the job carefully and accurately.

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